December 2, 2016

Life Coaching and Business Services


Advanced Life Skills Coaching

Barb Chapman & Tara Lehman

Life Skills Coaches are here to help support clients in achieving their personal goals, overall wellness, and satisfaction in all aspects of life. A life coach can empower you to find the answers you seek; supporting you through open and honest conversation.  Life coaches also provide resources, tools, and education to help you reach your personal goals, challenges or alleviate struggles.


How is this accomplished?

Advanced Life Skills Coaches are trained and certified in basic counseling, visualization, relaxation, Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, goal setting and other methods.  This allows the coaches the ability to listen, teach you strategies, provide you with the ability to see a different perceptive, help you to gather resources/support networks, keep you accountable for your actions,  and many others.

Benefits of Advanced Life Skills Coaching

These life coaches assist with:

  • Health Concerns
  • Stress Management
  • Family Issues
  • Relationships
  • Setting Personal and Career Goals
  • Financial Concerns
  • Business Struggles
  • Anger Management
  • Depression
  • Pain
  • Special Needs Clients
  • Referrals
  • And Much More

What Does a Session Look Like?

After your initial assessment session where we determine your needs and outline what type of support you require, we will work with you to set a plan for your future sessions.  A typical session involves discussion of the issues at hand and coaching the client, using the techniques noted above, to work through and find the most effective solution. A session may include handouts, resource materials, and tools for you to work on at your own pace, all of which provide the framework for positive change.

For more detailed information about these life coaching services please visit our website:

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