February 2, 2017

Kelly Muth, CHt

Hypnotist Guelph

 KELLY MUTH, CHt –  Clinical Hypnotist

Hours: Monday & Wednesday 5 – 7 pm


Kelly began her formal training in 2003 at the Ontario College of Hypnology, but her interest in the power of the unconscious and mind body connection is long standing.  In 2009 she augmented her hypnosis education at the Ontario Hypnosis Centre, training under Dr. Georgina Cannon.  She has since completed Neurolinguistic Programming training with Will Horton Psy.D.. Her commitment to continual learning allows her to be highly flexible and responsive during your sessions.  A client centered approach ensures you always get the utmost from your sessions.

As a clinical hypnotherapist she works with you to improve your personal performance and self-confidence.  This can help you overcome your barriers to success.  Negative patterns and thought processes can be quickly re-framed to achieve positive results.  She will assist you in finding solutions to self-sabotaging habits leading to control of negative behaviours and peace of mind.  Self-empowerment is the goal.


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