October 16, 2017

Barb Chapman & Tara Lehman, Life Coaches



Hours:  Saturdays – 10:00am to 4:00pm


As life coaches, we are here to help support our clients to achieve their personal or business goals, overall wellness, and satisfaction in all aspects of life.  We can empower you to find the answers you seek; supporting you through open and honest conversations.  We also provide resources, tools, and education to help you reach your personal and business goals, challenges or help teach you to alleviate struggles.


Tara assists her clients by empowering and supporting them with their life and business goals, challenges, and struggles. Tara can assist with personal challenges such as: working with children or adults, relationships/family, depression/anxiety, etc. She also can empower you with work-related goals such as career challenges, workplace stress, organization and general employee/leadership growth. Tara uses many different tools in her coaching which include: goal setting, Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, mindfulness techniques, advanced coaching, basic counseling, leadership training skills/tools, among others.

Tara’s Advanced Life Skills Coaching level 4 diploma coupled with over 20 years working with others has enabled Tara to work with a variety of backgrounds and personal challenges. Whether it is basic money management, family relationship issues, career goals, leadership growth or mental health (stress management, anxiety, depression) to difficulties managing your weight, Tara is able to work with you and empower you to achieve your individual, life, or workplace goals.


As a life coach, Barb works to empower her clients and support them with their challenges and struggles.  She assists with goals they wish to pursue in their personal lives, such as children, relationships, family, supporting family with aging issues, developmental disabilities, mental health (depression, anxiety, stress) and understanding the social service system.  As well, Barb assists her clients with their work-related challenges such as understanding how career changes may affect her clients, struggles with co-workers or an employer, and performance/presenting skills building etc.

Some techniques used in Barb’s practice include goal setting, providing resources, basic counseling,  CBT, mindfulness techniques (relaxation, meditation) and coaching.  Barb’s background includes a degree from the University of Waterloo in Psychology and an Advanced Life Skills Coaching Level 4 diploma through Stonebridge Associated College. Throughout her career, Barb has assisted many with providing the supports and resources needed to find the success they are looking for. Barb is confident in her ability to provide life coaching, counseling and supports her clients need.