Cross Education

Cross Education


In 2000/2001, 13% of Canadians suffered a unilateral injury (Stats Canada, 2004).  According to research, the most common complications after immobilization of an injured limb are decreased range of motion, decreased strength and muscle atrophy (decrease in physical size of the muscle). […]

Tips & Resources to Quit Smoking

Tips & Resources to quit smoking FI

Written by Stacey McDonald

A new year is upon us, and with the best of intentions – many of us set out to make New Years’ Resolutions. Sometimes we’re successful, but often we end up abandoning our resolutions early on in the new year. It’s understandable, making resolutions just after the holidays may not be the best time to implement a major change in your life (as great as starting off the new year with a “new you” may sound) but if you’re dedicated to making a change – plan ahead!

If your goal is to quit smoking as your New Years’ Resolution – start planning now! Check out the tips and resources below to help you start your journey to being smoke-free off on the right foot. […]